India, 6th largest country in geographical area and 2nd largest country in population country, and 1st largest democratic country of the world. With such a large propotions, there are many interesting facts about India:

1. India is home to 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, of which Taj Mahal, Saiyed ki Jali and Champaner are some of them.

2. All the major world religions are represented in India.

3. India has largest population of vegetarians in the world, with 20-40% of Indian Population, i.e. approximately 500 crore population.

4. Varanasi is the oldest inhabited city of the world.

5. India is the 2nd largest English-speaking country in the world.

6. The Asiatic Lions can only be found in Gir, Gujarat, which is in the Western Region of India.

7. India’s Kumbh Mela is world’s largest human gathering.

8. Meghalaya is wettest inhabited place on the Earth, and it is also home to the bridges, made of living trees.

9. There are more than 140 types of traditional Indian desserts.

So, astonished?

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