|Atithi Devo Bhava||
This is what we Indian always follow when it comes to arrival of guests, whether he is a neighbor, a long lost relative, or even a stranger. We make sure that even if a person has come for a official work or a menial job, he doesn’t go empty stomach. At least he gets a cup of tea with 2-4 biscuits.

If the person is from abroad, then attending him/her is like coming of God and Goddess to our house (literally). He’ll be served different dishes, different drinks and so on.

We Indians have the tendency that if a person is coming to our house, we serve them dishes which shows our culture (India has diverse cultures, as we all know). We also keep in mind that guests should eat properly. Even though we have scarce food, their stomach should not remain empty. We show lot of warmth and care during attending a guest.

Now, I’m telling my incident which happened with me when I was in Madrid, Spain:
One day, one of my father’s colleagues invited us for dinner. First, we were bit tensed as we were from a family where we do not eat non-veg and eggs since 5 generations, but my father couldn’t say him no as colleague was his senior. So, we went to his place. When we reached his house, to our surprise, colleague’s whole family was dressed in Indian attire. His wife and daughters were in salwar suit and his son was in kurta pyjama. They had ordered Indian food for us. Though it was first time for them to eat it with hand (as we eat with hands), but they did.
They did this so that we dont feel uncomfortable and feel free.

If we take the situation vice-versa, i.e. if a person from a foreign country would have come to our house, we might have served them Indian food as well to tell about Indian food and culture. But, in Madrid, that family tried Indian food for our convenience.

I’m not saying that they were better than us, I want to say that they gave same warmth and same care as we give to our guests.

At the end, I want to conclude that wherever there is warmth and care for guests, there’s ||Atithi Devo Bhava||

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